Interleague Play: The Only Chance the Yanks Will Ever Get to Play the Phillies

After a couple low-scoring games at the most hitter-friendly ballpark
in the Majors, the Phils dropped a 12-spot on the Reds to win the rubber match
yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately, it wasn’t on TV in Ohio? J-Roll notched his
300th stolen base and 1,500th hit in the rout.


J.A. Happ is finally replacing Chan Ho Park in the rotation and will
have ice water running through his veins in front of a few hundred fans at a
cheaply thrown together stadium in the Bronx tomorrow…ha, no pressure.
Interleague play was probably the greatest idea to come to baseball in the last
25 years. It’d be nice if the Phils can improve on their dismal 4-11
interleague record from last season.


Tonight should be a fun baseball evening around the country. Jake Peavy
is looking to show off his services to other potential suitors against Carlos
Zambrano and the Cubbies. Highly touted Rangers prospect Derek Holland makes
his first big league start in Houston. Dice-K returns to the rotation at Fenway
versus Johan and the Mets. The Big Unit faces his former team at Safeco. RJ vs.
Junior. That was THE dream batter/pitcher matchup back in the day!


And here are my predictions in the Friday Pick’em Contest generously hosted
by Jon, writer of The “Mc” Effect.








Blue Jays









Have a phantastic Phillies night everyone!



  1. Elizabeth D

    Are those four interleague wins the 4 world series wins? Just kidding (unless they are). I too enjoy interleague play, and I wish it would come around more often. Dice-K’s return hasn’t been that great… it’s frustrating, but I’m hoping he’ll come around.

  2. Elizabeth D

    Great to see Rollins get to those marks. As I was watching the interleague play against the Sox, I was surprised to see such a low average. It’s great to see someone actually enjoy interleague play. Most of the people I talk to don’t. Nonetheless, I enjoy it because I enjoy any kind of baseball.

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