Yes, James Harrison, Champions Visit the White House and Meet the President. It’s Tradition.

In hopes of finishing my freshman year on a high note, I haven’t been
giving my perspective on here. However, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been
following the team on a daily basis. Here’s a brief rundown of items that you
already know about, but I want to document so I have an accurate record of the
season looking back in November.


After losing 4 out of 5 against Atlanta and the Dodgers to
finish the home stand, a gift was waiting at Nationals Park in the form of a
four-game sweep of Washington. Unfortunately, the Mets have taken 3 of the
first 4 games this season and is the primary reason the Phils sit a half-game
back in the division.

  • Last October’s NLCS rematch
    with the Dodgers was Manny-less after he became the latest player to have his
    image tarnished by steroids.
  • In the lone win versus LA,
    Jayson Werth tied a team-record with 4 stolen bases including stealing 2nd,
    3rd, and home consecutively. Check it out:


  • Jamie Moyer might be feeling
    the pressure of getting win #250, allowing 19 runs in his last three starts
    lasting 12.1 innings.
  • ·The 4-game sweep of
    Washington was completed in 46 hours and took some tinkering of the bullpen.  J.A. Happ was slated to make his first start
    of the season in Game 2 of a double-header Saturday, but a 12-inning affair on
    Friday night required him to contribute. Andrew Carpenter was called up from
    AAA Lehigh Valley and celebrated his 24th birthday (which is today!)
    early with his first Major League start and a victory despite only pitching 4.1
    innings in the rain-shortened game. He also got to wear Jackie Robinson’s #42
    as the Phils and Nats paid tribute a month belatedly.


  • Jayson Werth and Adrian
    Gonzalez were voted as MLB’s “Most Underrated” players. With this publicity,
    does that still mean they’re underrated?
  • ·Raul Ibanez didn’t get to
    go to the White House, so he decided to take home NL Player of the Week honors
    instead. His stat line for the double-header Saturday? 5-8 with 3 homers and 7
    RBI. Those were not “boos” you heard at Nats Park. It was the influx of
    Phillies fans making the trip down and raining “Rauuuuuul” chants down, both
    literally and figuratively. This dude needs a catchy fan club name quickly.
  • I’m a little disappointed
    that the Phillies-Reds series in Cincy is in the middle of the week. If it was
    this upcoming Memorial Day weekend, I’d be there for all three games.  A trip to the new Yankee Stadium should be
    entertaining though. I hope the Phillies fans who went to D.C. saved up some
    money to visit the Bronx because I heard tickets aren’t cheap.

I went to my first game of the season on May 9th
and saw Aaron Harang help himself out with a 2 RBI single on his 31st
birthday. Jay Bruce and Jerry Hairston Jr. went yard for the Reds, while Ryan
Ludwick clubbed one for St. Louis. A perfect Saturday night weather-wise
combined with two teams playing well and Joey Votto bobbleheads being given
away resulted in the Reds first sellout since Opening Day.



  1. jonnnnnn

    leave Harrison alone. He can do what he wants. It’s not hurting anyone or offending anyone but him not going, so let the man make his own choice, he’s earned it.

    anyways don’t forget to make your picks for tomorrow. thanks man.

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