Nearly No-hit by Dave Bush?!?!

The only consistent
thing the Phillies have going right now is being inconsistent. Luckily, every
team in the division has been struggling this week, so no ground has been


Ryan J. Braun (not to be confused
with the Kansas City reliever of the same name a couple years ago), what can
you say? He can flat-out rake – 8-10 with 3 homers and 4 walks in the 3-game
series. He was on base 12 out of 14 times?! Best outfielder in the game, in my


Can Hamels catch a
Prince Fielder hit a rocket liner that fortunately caught Cole’s
shoulder rather than…say…an elbow. Unfortunately, he was dominating hitters
with 6 K’s in 3.1 innings and had to be taken out of the game as a
precaution. He says he simply has a “temporary tattoo of a baseball” and
expects to pitch in five days. After elbow soreness pushed back his deserved
opening day start, rainouts have forced him to pitch on 6 and 7 days rest, out
of a routine that pitchers are used to.

home run.jpg

(Here’s Ibanez watching yet another souvenir fly out setting an MLB record.)

Forget New Yankee
Stadium, CBP is still Home Run Paradise:
Phils, you are now in the record books for allowing a home run in the most
consecutive games with 14. (I heard this fact in passing. I’m not sure if it is
a record to start the season or at any point.)


Dave &$%^*(#
If I had to guess who would have a better chance at throwing a
no-hitter, my money would be on former President Bush….H.W. that is… the
age of 84. Seriously, how do you allow this pitcher who is mediocre at best to
keep you hitless for 7 1/3 innings? Thank goodness for Matt Stairs hitting a
pinch-hit homer off the foul pole, but Bush would have been one of the worst
pitchers in MLB history to throw a no-no. Howeverm his parents are Phillies
season-ticket holders, so he can’t be too bad of a guy.


The lack of run
production can be attributed to one simple factor: the guys setting the table
(J-Roll and Shane) are combining to barely hit over .200. So, while Chase and
Rauuuuul are racking up extra base hits, there are no “ducks on the pond” to be
driven in! It’s frustrating, but the numbers will even out as time


Around the Majors

a day for Darren O’Day!
At least a Major League team wants his
services unlike this next example.


Jason Tyner:
Milwaukee could have at least asked Detroit for some Miller Lite in
return. I’m sure the Tigers would have agreed despite these tough economic


Have a
phantastic Phillies weekend!


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